Our objective is to provide effective Therapies for skin care, skin aesthetics and problems while enhancing the fundamentals of good skin. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments ranging from cleanups, facials, skin lightening, anti ageing and anti pigmentation therapies. We address acne and under eye treatments.

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Facial is one of the best ways to take care of the skin. Facial rejuvenate skin, improve complexion and cell regeneration and to retain a fresh glow. Different treatments are available for different skin types to provide more care.

Basic Facials - Routine care of the skin
Express Clean up- 30 mins
Deeply cleanses and gently eliminates
Impurities to Leave you with supple skin.
Fruit Facial - Helps in deep cleansing and toning of Muscles, makes complexion soft & radiant
Under Arms Clean up - Goodbye dark armpits.Here in BB we check underarms depending on your specific needs for remove dark spots from your underarms and make you cheerful.
Full Back Clean Up
Full Back Facial - A back facial allows the area to be thoroughly cleaned, exfoliated, and toned. Use of steam can help remove impurities from the skin. This in turn can lead to a clearer, healthier, blemish-free-back.
Gold Facial - Agrees with all types of skin, age groups, and all time favorite regimes to give you an instant glow.
Pearl Facial - Ideal for young and dlicate skin, clears the skin of impurities and make shine like a pearl and clear tanned skin.
Glow Facial - A perfect blend of essential cremes that soak in , leaving your skin moisturized and protected.
Ageless facial-face lift - Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, tightens muscles with isometric therapy, improves skin metabolism and stimulates blood circulation that in turn improves the skin's capacity to regenerate and repair with increased collagen synthesis.


A unique service personalized for you that offer two hair / scalp benefits in a single treatment. Ask for a consultation with our alchemists to experience personalized hair perfection. (1 complimentary service on a package of 3 services)
Acne Prone - Clear active acne & show long lasting effect, Good for senditive skin.
Normal skin type - Cleanses skin keeping it refreshed and glowing.


An advanced level of skin treatment that
Reduces blemishes & dark spots giving
You a flawless complexion.
Dry Skin - Deep cleanses your skin keeping it Refreshed and glowing
Skin lightening - An advanced level of skin treatment that Reduces blemished and dry spot giving you a flawless complexion.
Dead sea extract Facial - Dead sea mud is augmented and enriched different minerals which replenish and balances moisture perfect facial for all skin types.


Exclusive Intensive Repair Eye Serum & Age-Out Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream which is massaged expertly.

Eye Rejunivation

A unique treatment to treat under eye dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles around the eye area and drooping eyelids.


Aroma Radiance Facial

This facial is designed after understanding This facial is designed after understanding Skin type and need to give you rejuvenated And radiant skin.

Casmara Facial

Skin Sensation treatment, lift you spirits. It's a complete revitalizing professional tratment.

Gold Collagen Facial

.Gold stimulates collagen and elastic production activating regeneration and speeding cellular processes. The Beauty face Mask gives your skin a youthful,ultra smooth, glowing look.

Wine Facial

A part of a new beauty therapy dubbed Vinotherapy. An indulgent treatment for Facial tissue, eliminates dead cell, enhances Blook circulation, adds amazing glow.